Quick Shopify Marketing Tips for Boxing Day Shopping
What is Boxing Day?  It is a post-Christmas celebration that occurs on 26th December. People celebrate the day by opening their Xmas presents on Boxing Day. That’s not all. The holiday is also when people send gifts to their loved ones. And, while it is sweet for families, in the Boxing Day shopping lies another
This article will be useful for those merchants who think or have ever thought about the translation of the Shopify store. Here we will talk about multilingual content and provide you a good solution that can help a lot. Advantages of the multilingual content Firstly, let’s talk about the advantages of a multilingual store. It
Selling online is no longer a trend. It is a necessity that once ignored can lead your brand to oblivion. We wanted to reiterate this crucial aspect of running a modern-day business and take your attention to a highly reputed online platform that has tons of opportunities waiting for you. That’s right, we are talking
Taking your business online is the boldest decision you will ever make. This is because the act of pivoting an existing business model is not for faint hearts. It requires a robust understanding of the process and also the platform you are moving your business to, especially if it’s a retail business. But before you
eCommerce store owners want to scale their online business. They want to increase their reach and generate more revenue for their store. There are many tactical decisions that they will have to take to optimize their store for their target audience living in different locations. The most important of all those decisions is to add
Canva for shopify
Canva is an online-based design tool that allows eCommerce store owners to create professional designs for their website, flyers, social media, email newsletter, and more. Although you require no prior design skills to work on Canva, the result you get can be compared to that of a professional designer. The easy-to-use pictures and premade templates
We’d like to introduce you to 12 exceptional Shopify stores. These businesses serve as great inspiration for all entrepreneurs who are looking to add announcement bars and drive sales with them. Take a stroll down their digital aisles to see what these stores are doing right with their announcement bars. Ovi Watch – Free Shipping
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By default, every Shopify store displays the text “Powered by Shopify” in the footer. To learn how to remove Powered by Shopify, or delete it completely, continue reading this post or watch the video tutorial below. Let’s get started First of all, let’s login to our Shopify admin panel. Go to Online Store Under Themes
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I have worked in the e-commerce field for more than three years, with total sales of over 100,000 Euros. My goal for this blog article is to show simple actions you can take to rapidly increase your purchase rate. I will not only provide information about what works, but I will also look back at
If you’ve ever been wondering why catchy and concise announcement bars on Shopify are becoming more prominent, it is because of their ability to catch the user’s eye the second they visit the site. There’s no doubt that customers’ attention is one of the most important aspects of a successful sales generation strategy. With only
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