This tutorial will teach you how to add a clickable link to the announcement bar, as well as provide you with some best practices for a call-to-action.

Most of the time an announcement bar should have a link that takes your customer to the item that you are announcing. It can be anything: a new product, deal, membership, even a shipping policy.

Let's get started

For this guide, please, either click on “Create new bar” or edit an existing bar.

On the edit page, please locate the section called “Content configuration”. It’s right below the template selection.

The field that enables you to add a link is “Announcement bar action”. We will focus on this field first.

Best practices

We recommend providing the announcement bar’s link as a button. That is also why it is the default selection. Firstly, a button makes it obvious that something will happen if a customer clicks it. Secondly, it gives you the opportunity to create a powerful call-to-action message.

You can also choose to have the entire bar clickable, or no action at all.

When entering text for the button (1), please keep in mind that an effective call-to-action, keeps the number of words at minimum. A few persuading words work much better than a long descriptive phrase. To learn how to style the button, and add an animation, please stay tuned for upcoming design tutorials.

If you selected the “Clickable button” or “Entire bar clickable” action, then the “Link URL” (2) field and “Open link in new tab” checkbox (3), will have to be entered. Firstly, please make sure that the link you enter is correct. The easiest way to do this is visiting the target page and copying the link from the address bar. Secondly, following the best practices of user experience, you should usually not force the link to open in a new tab. The occasional exception is if the page has a form or an element that would be interrupted if the link is clicked.

Save your work

Please, save (1) and enable (2) the announcement bar, when done.