Get up and running with "Add Announcement Bar" Shopify app in less than 5 minutes

Let's get started

1. If you’ve just installed the app, you should find the “Create new bar” button somewhere in the middle of the screen.

2. However, if you have already created an announcement bar, the create button will be at the right just above the dashboard.

Let’s click it.

The first section that you will see is our extensive template library selection. This part allows you to quickly get the announcement bar up and running. We have divided the templates into three sections - Textures, Gradient and Plain. When the library is open you can also start typing to search for a specific template.

By clicking a template, these elements will change - Font, Text and Background colours and if applicable button’s colours. The text itself, link URLs and targeting settings remain unchanged so you can easily set templates on existing announcement bars without worrying about changes to the bar’s content.

Naming your bar and content settings

1. In the “Content” section an important thing we recommend you do is name the announcement bar in a meaningful way. This is only going to be visible to you, so that if you create a lot of announcement bars you can still remember which is which.

2. Now you can edit the message, which will be the announcement visible to all users that visit your site. You can style the message in any way you like which includes, bolding, italicising, font family and size changes as well as colors.

After that you can decide if you will have a button, and specify other design and targeting settings. At all times you will see the bar preview at the top.

Save your work

1. Please, make sure to save the announcement bar when you're done. The page will redirect you to the main dashboard.

2. As the last step please enable the announcement bar for it to be visible on your store.